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We are aware of current scams impersonating recruitment agencies including ourselves targeting jobseekers over whatsapp and asking them to supply personal details.

Please be aware that The Recruitment Group will never ask you for your personal information via Whatsapp and anyone claiming to be from The Recruitment Group doing so is part of a scam. We also never advertise jobs through Whatsapp.

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Recruitment Roundup #3

Improving your security: Navigating Candidate Screening Trends in 2024 

As we step into 2024, the landscape of candidate screening is undergoing significant shifts, demanding a heightened focus on recruitment security. Focusing on recruitment security will mitigate any legal risks, ensure authenticity, and prevent any insider threats. 

In a recent article by The Global Recruiter, they tap into the key signs that employers should look out for. Once we take note of these signs it will minimise any risks associated with candidates. 

Susie Thomson, of Matrix Security Watchdog, sheds light on the trends employers should be aware of to secure the best talent while minimising risks.

Recruitment Challenges - Budget:

With tightening budgets and the persistent cost-of-living crisis, 2024 poses a unique challenge for recruitment security. Ensuring the authenticity of job candidates and mitigating risks to staff and organisations are becoming increasingly complex.

How can we solve this? Research the most effective background check services and compare packages. You’ll get more of an understanding of pricing, structure, and contract. Implementing these cost-effective tools for verification. 

Deceptive scams and targeting:

Identifying legitimate references is set to become more difficult in 2024. Many scams and targeting could see a rise in 2024, as those focus on WhatsApp to interact and lure you in claiming to be contacting you from a Recruitment business. Be very careful. As once they notice you can be targeted your personal information could be passed over to other ‘scammers,’ as you’ll be identified as an easy target. 

Also, the practice of "hunting in packs," where groups apply for a role together, will grow as we go into the new year. Combatting this requires collaborative screening, as solo efforts may miss common traits coordinated by these group assaults. Utilising data from payroll and HMRC proves reliable in verifying candidate credentials.

A dilemma

In 2024, the growing trend of people taking on second and third jobs is likely to continue as they struggle to make ends meet. The push by employers to get employees back into the office could deepen the problem. Recent press reports suggest the Civil Service now insists on three days in the office. Meanwhile, Amazon is considering linking bonuses to consistent attendance. This will only increase the financial burden on staff through higher travel and childcare expenses and could fuel ‘moonlighting.’

This presents employers with a growing moral dilemma in 2024. They have a duty of care to their staff to make sure they are not exhausted. That they are working in a safe environment. Careful handling is required to deal with this delicate situation. This should surely start with employers instigating more open and honest conversations with their staff, and trying to provide the necessary advice and support.

Screening accreditation

Yes, there is some good news! European screening organisations will introduce an accreditation scheme to verify quality and experience in 2024. This will help employers to secure the best possible screening services. It will also make it tougher for companies that have little screening experience and simply want to ride the wave of growth in demand for candidate checks.

Accreditation will drive increased customer confidence in contracting with accredited screening agencies that have the right processes and knowledge to protect their clients’ businesses. 

Ringing in the new

Addressing these trends in 2024 will ensure employers can build the best possible teams to cope with the challenges the new year brings, while also minimising risk to their staff and their organisation. This will be made easier by the accreditation scheme, which will help ensure the right screening partner can be secured. And with fines increasing in January for those organisations that employ people not legally able to work in the UK, it has never been more important to have a robust screening process in place.

This makes it vital in 2024 for employers to view candidate verification as less of a tick-box exercise and more as the business-critical process that it is. And give their suppliers the time they need to screen thoroughly.

In conclusion, the evolving landscape of candidate screening in 2024 necessitates a strategic shift. Employers must view candidate verification not merely as a checkbox but as a business-critical process. Allocating the necessary time for thorough screening is paramount in ensuring a secure and effective recruitment process in the coming year

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