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Recruitment Roundup #19

Arden University has introduced a transformative Senior Leader Apprenticeship (SLA) tailored for the health and care sector, aiming to retain and upskill the existing workforce. This initiative is a direct response to Nottingham University Hospitals (NUH) NHS Trust's efforts to combat staff shortages.

Addressing Staff Shortages with Advanced Training

In response to the critical need for skilled leaders within the health sector, the SLA includes an executive MBA designed to equip current and future leaders with essential knowledge and high-level management skills. Arden University emphasises that the initiative also instills the desired behaviours needed for effective leadership, offering professional leadership qualifications and a pathway to Chartered Manager status.

Flexible Learning

Recognising the demanding schedules of health and care workers, the apprenticeship can be completed through remote learning. This flexibility ensures that participants can balance their professional responsibilities while advancing their careers.

Benefits for NUH and Staff

NUH has reported numerous benefits from the program. Staff who undertake the course feel more invested in the organization, leading to improved retention rates. "This will have a positive effect on retention rates in the future," the statement from Arden University highlights.

Given the difficulty in filling many roles at NUH, staff retention has become increasingly critical. Ensuring that staff feel valued and leave with an MBA qualification is a key component of the SLA's success.

Accelerating Careers and Enhancing Skills

The SLA is designed to propel NUH staff to higher career stages, enabling them to lead departments, services, systems of care, or transformation projects. By collaborating with Arden University, NUH can focus apprenticeship activities within services that traditionally struggle to recruit pre-qualified staff, thus offering career advancement opportunities to those who have not followed traditional education routes.

Investing in New Talent Development

Through the apprenticeship, NUH staff can enhance their skills and career prospects, fostering further investment in new talent development. The program not only benefits the apprentices but also their managers. NUH has observed that managers supporting apprentices develop their own line management and mentoring skills, making the apprenticeship process a comprehensive developmental tool.

In conclusion, Arden University's Senior Leader Apprenticeship for the health and care sector is a strategic initiative that supports NUH in addressing staff shortages, enhancing leadership skills, and improving staff retention. By providing a flexible, high level education pathway, it empowers health and care professionals to achieve their career aspirations while contributing to the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the healthcare system.

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