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Recruitment Roundup #11

In job hunting, something interesting is happening among young people, changing how hiring works. You might find it surprising that the term ‘ghosting,’ is now used in the professional world. Ghosting means suddenly stopping communication and ignoring someone without explaining, and it's becoming common among people looking for jobs. What's even more interesting is that 93% of individuals aged 18-24 admit to intentionally skipping scheduled job interviews, creating a challenge for recruiters.

This leads us to a crucial question: Why are young adults choosing this unusual way of approaching the traditional job search? In today’s Recruitment Roundup, we dig into the intentional no-show trend, looking at the complex factors contributing to this change in how younger people handle job interviews. We consider the shift towards preferring remote work, a desire for clearer communication, and the impact of changing workplace values. By understanding these factors, we aim to provide valuable insights and statistics for job seekers and recruiters by informing them of this latest ‘trend.’ 

As Generation Z (18-24 years old) transforms its approach to job hunting, the increasing preference for remote work could present a practical solution. With advancements in technology, remote work aligns with the desire of young professionals for flexibility and a better work-life balance. This shift might make the hiring process more inclusive and accessible, allowing candidates to explore opportunities without being limited by location. For employers, embracing remote work could attract and retain top talent, breaking traditional barriers and creating a work environment that suits the expectations of the younger workforce. By understanding and adapting to these changes, organisations can build a more resilient and adaptable workforce for the future.

An astonishing 93% of job applicants from Generation Z revealed that they simply didn't attend an interview, and 14% of them were unimpressed with the company before that point. Almost one in five from Generation Z found ghosting potential employers to be 'empowering,' giving them control over their careers. Nearly nine out of ten admitted to not showing up for their first day of work, and almost a quarter left a job without giving any notice.

Interestingly, Millennials (25-40 years old), while feeling guilty about ghosting, had concerns about its impact on their future. One-third admitted that ghosting potential employers made them anxious, and two-thirds worried about its negative consequences. Surprisingly, almost one-third of both age groups considered it acceptable to ghost before an interview. Half of them believed it was reasonable to ghost on the day of the interview, citing companies' lack of response to job applications and failure to inform candidates about unsuccessful outcomes.

Danny Stacy, Indeed's UK Head of Talent Intelligence, said: "It's clear that ghosting has become an unwelcome phenomenon for employers.

"Workers point to being ghosted by employers as a reason to be able to do the same, so businesses have a clear directive to keep up communication on their end during the hiring process."

We are currently witnessing a significant change in attitudes towards work, and interview ghosting is just one aspect of this shift. The pandemic prompted many of us to rethink our work-life balance. The disruptions caused by the pandemic, along with the impact of Brexit, led to a brief labor shortage, giving workers more bargaining power. Although the boom time has passed, research from the British Chambers of Commerce shows that three-quarters of UK companies were still struggling to hire staff last summer. It appears that employers are still not in complete control.

Additionally, popular trends on platforms like TikTok, such as "quiet quitting," have influenced workers to stick strictly to their job descriptions, prioritizing their needs over exceeding expectations for their bosses.

One recent graduate said “Employers will make you feel special until you aren’t, and then you are replaceable at any given moment.” Further adding that they do not feel bad for ghosting “...this is why I have never regretted my decision because I know there are a handful of other people that they were already considering in my place. It feels good to know your worth and not waste your time, no matter where you are in your career.”

Check our blog on job interviews as we list our Top 10 Interview Tips. We provide our advice and guidance from our expert recruiters. Ghosting an interview can hamper your chances and block an opportunity, however, with our tips we aim to give you some confidence and belief to make you stand out! 



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