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Scam Alert

We are aware of current scams impersonating recruitment agencies including ourselves targeting jobseekers over whatsapp and asking them to supply personal details.

Please be aware that The Recruitment Group will never ask you for your personal information via Whatsapp and anyone claiming to be from The Recruitment Group doing so is part of a scam. We also never advertise jobs through Whatsapp.

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Recognising Fake Recruiters on WhatsApp

Recognising Fake Recruiters on WhatsApp

One of the biggest issues Recruitment Agencies are currently facing is a series of scam messages on WhatsApp. They impersonate recruiters and companies (like The Recruitment Group) by promoting fake job advertisements and attempting to gather personal information.

If you have received any similar messages, rest assured it's not from a data breach. The scammer randomly targets phone numbers and has not accessed our database. At The Recruitment Group, your personal information remains safe and protected.

In a recent article, Keith Rosser, a group director at Reed and co-director and chair of JobsAware, stated that this scam began in November 2022. It became "huge" in the UK, he says, from March 2023.

"We’re receiving dozens of reports a day, specifically about WhatsApp-based scams copying the names of legitimate recruitment firms, both job boards and recruitment agencies," Rosser told Euronews Next.

JobsAware receives about 50 such complaints a day, and they believe only 5% of victims reach out to them, bringing the approximate number of people getting these texts in the UK to 1,000 per day.

How to spot a WhatsApp scam message

  • We never have and will contact via WhatsApp as a first method of contact.
  • We will never ask you to send any personal information via WhatsApp. 
  • We will never ask for your bank details or request payment for any fees.
  • If you see these types of messages with a link, we urge you not to click. Links can lead to viruses or bugs which will put yourself and or your company at risk.
  • If these fake recruiters attempt to use a name from our company, either check our Meet the Team or find us on Linkedin and search on People. This way you can see all of our consultants with their details and contact information. 
  • Read the messages received from these scammers, as many have grammatical errors and spelling mistakes.


Below is a message that a scammer (S) has sent to the recipient (R) in an attempt to offer more information regarding a remote position. The scammer states how this is a ‘promotional job which can be done without affecting your current job and earn extra cash.’ This appeals to the recipient as the scammer is putting cash at the forefront of the message to lure them in. 

S: Hello, I’m [NAME] from The Recruitment Group, Are you interested in a remote position? Can I share more details with you?

R: Thank you for your message, I am not currently interested in a new position.

S: It’s a convenient work from home. This is a promotional job which can be done without affecting your current job and earn extra cash, have a look at the details and decided if its suitable for you or not. Thank you, please forward details and I’ll certainly have a  look.

S: We provide Part time/Full Time job currently

Our requirements:

  • No experience needed (Training Provided by Specialist)
  • Flexible time
  • Time Needed (30-60 mins per day) 
  • Daily Commission £50-£120
  • Work from home
  • UK citizen/PR
  • Have a bank account (Receive payment)
  • 25 year old and above

May I let the Person In Charge send the company and job details for your reference first?

You can have a look then decide if that’s suitable for you or not, is that okay?

R: Certainly 

S: Please can you confirm if you are over 25years to be sure if you meet the requirement. Thank you.

R: I am

S: Alright, The recruitment manager will send the full job details to your WhatsApp within today or tomorrow, Wish You a pleasant day

Many thanks

How to protect yourself
The above message is a clear example of grammatical errors, impersonation, and asking for personal information.

In this situation, there is no need to worry as we have the following ways in which you can protect yourself and take action the right way.

Avoid responding and clicking any type of links in the scammers' message

Avoid giving scammers any type of personal information that they can use

If they keep messaging, you have the option the ‘Block’ the contact. Slide to the left of the chat, press ‘More,’ and then select ‘Block contact.’

We thank those who have already flagged WhatsApp scam messages to us. If you’re still unsure whether a message is legitimate, feel free to call us on 01332 318 711 or email

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