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Introducing Talent Acquisition

What is Talent Acquisition?

Talent Acquisition is finding and hiring the best candidates to meet The Recruitment Group’s needs, focusing on long-term goals, employer branding, and building relationships with potential hires. 

Every company needs to fill job openings through talent acquisition. This involves searching for candidates, reviewing resumes, conducting interviews, and hiring new employees. Jobs in talent acquisition cover all these tasks.

These jobs go beyond just recruiting; they aim to find the best candidates for different roles, whether experienced professionals or skilled salespeople. Companies want to hire top talent to improve productivity and profits, so having a good talent acquisition strategy is crucial.

Additionally, jobs in talent acquisition focus on finding candidates who fit well with the company's culture. Every company has its values and goals, and hiring people who share these ensures a good match. Finding candidates who are both skilled and fit the company culture increases the chances of retaining loyal employees.

Understanding Talent Acquisition 

We had a chat with Ben Ryder, our Talent Acquisition Specialist who gave us more of an insight into his role, his background, and his talent acquisition strategy.

Q: Tell us a bit more about the purpose of your role in Talent Acquisition

BR: “The purpose of my role as a Talent Acquisition Specialist is to strategically identify, attract, and retain talent to fulfill The Recruitment Group’s current and future staffing needs. This involves tasks such as understanding our requirements, developing strategies to attract candidates through branding and marketing and sourcing candidates through various channels. Also, screening and assessing candidates for suitability, building relationships with potential hires, managing the hiring process, and analysing data to improve effectiveness. Ultimately, ensuring that The Recruitment Group has the right people in place to drive its success and achieve its objectives.” 

Q: What is your background in Recruitment? 

BR: “I have been in recruitment for about 11 years now, worked up from a Consultant to a Branch Manager and now I am bringing joy to people’s lives working for The Recruitment Group.”

Q: What parts of your role in Talent Acquisition do you find rewarding?

BR: “I could be cliché’ and say its helping people find the right roles and whilst it is, without the money I wouldn’t have a mortgage or car and a season ticket to the mighty Derby.”

Q: What talent acquisition strategies do you employ to attract and retain top talent?

BR: “Attracting them is the easy bit, keeping them is the hardest part, there is always another Recruitment Company willing to offer more money or progression, it’s a tough market at the moment. Personally, I focus on, working with our marketing team to help create an employer brand that reflects The Recruitment Group’s culture and values.” 

Q: How do you adapt your recruitment strategies to any industry or job market changes?

BR: “A lot of my job involves analysing data from the past 12 months within The Recruitment Group, looking at what went well and what didn’t. I then look at what the industry is doing, looking at anything from salaries & benefits to the actual jobs and what the role is, seeing if we are competitive and if there's anything we can add to make The Recruitment Group a more inviting place to work. There's a lot of competitor analysis that way we can be ahead of the curve.”

Q: How do you handle situations where there's a shortage of qualified candidates in the market for a particular role?

BR: “I would adapt by refining job requirements, broadening the talent pool to include related industries or transferable skills, and leveraging employee referral programs to tap into existing networks. I would use our CRM to see if there is anybody that I may have spoken to previously. Also, work with our teams across the UK that may have clients that use a particular Recruiter. Promoting the employer brand, considering flexible working arrangements, and offering competitive salaries and benefits are additional strategies to attract top talent.”

Q: How do you see the future of talent acquisition evolving, and what trends are you keeping an eye on?

BR: “The future of talent acquisition is marked by trends such as the increasing use of AI and automation, data-driven decision-making, and virtual recruitment due to remote work. Recruiters are prioritising marketing, candidate experience, and skills-based hiring while focusing on diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives to build inclusive teams. Companies are now adapting to the economy by offering flexible work arrangements. By embracing these trends, The Recruitment Group can navigate the evolving landscape and attract top recruiters to drive success, because regardless of what people say, we are in it for the money.”

The future is ever-evolving. Many talent leaders have been asked to predict some of the biggest trends that will influence Talent Acquisition and all said Generative AI. According to a recent report presented in Linkedin’s ‘The Future of Recruiting 2024’ guide - 62% of recruiting pros express optimism about AI’s impact on recruitment. John Vlastelica, CEO at Recruiting Toolbox said, ‘For the first time in years, there is a fundamental shift coming to talent acquisition and it is driven by AI and automation.”

As Gen AI becomes increasingly influential, it is anticipated to note some significant transformations in recruitment practices, shaping the landscape of talent acquisition jobs within organisations. Experts predict that Talent Acquisition (TA) will assume a pivotal role in navigating these changes, with its functions having the ability to improve the workforce.

In this evolving landscape, talent acquisition jobs are expected to evolve beyond traditional recruitment tasks. Talent Acquisition professionals will be instrumental in guiding organisational leaders in understanding the implications of Gen AI on various job roles. Additionally, they will play a crucial role in formulating and implementing a talent acquisition strategy that aligns with the organisation's goals and future needs.

Moreover, talent acquisition jobs will involve facilitating the adoption of AI-driven solutions to enhance recruitment efficiency and effectiveness. TA professionals will spearhead initiatives to incorporate AI tools and technologies into the talent acquisition strategy, enabling organisations to stay ahead in attracting and retaining top talent in the Gen AI era.

As organisations embrace the transformative potential of AI in talent acquisition, the role of talent acquisition jobs will continue to evolve. By embracing this change and leveraging AI technologies strategically, TA professionals can elevate their contributions to organisational success while shaping the future of talent acquisition strategy.

Interested in kickstarting or developing your career in Recruitment? What can we offer you? For starters: fantastic pay, flexibility, and full autonomy as well as loads of benefits and an environment that you can truly grow in. Sounds good? Contact Ben Ryder on 01332 318 711 or message him via Linkedin. 

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