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Privacy Policy


Our commitment to your privacy      


We’re serious about protecting your personal data. This note explains:

From where we secured your personal data;

The personal data that we collect;

Your personal data rights;

Your right to object to our processing your personal data and withdrawing consent;

How and when we use that personal data;

Whether we share your personal data with anyone else;

For how long will we keep your personal data;

How you can access your personal data

Information about our use of cookies.


Personal data that we collect

The personal data that we collect includes your name, address, email address, telephone number, mobile phone number, proof of right to work documents and data, bank account, training and qualifications, trade memberships, preferences, IP address (the number that uniquely identifies a specific computer.


If the role you have registered for requires a security check, we will also obtain a DBS check provided by you.

Your role may involve working within a regulated industry (Food Manufacturing), you maybe asked to fill out Health and Safety questionnaires to ensure you are allowed to work within this environment inline with Legislation and best practice requirements. This information will be shared with our clients.

We collected your personal data from you. We also collected the following personal data from third parties:

example – your reference was secured from your previous employer, agency or Character reference;

example – A DVLA check if you are accepting work as a Driver

example – A DBS check from Capita


We always ensure that we have a lawful basis for processing the personal data that we collect. In this case the lawful basis for processing is to offer work finding services.


​Your rights in respect of your personal data

You have the right to request access to your personal data, amendments to it and for it to be deleted. Further information about those rights along with your right to withdrawn any consent you’ve given or object to our processing your data can be found in our data protection policy by clicking here. That policy also includes who to speak with if you have any queries about our approach to processing your personal data.


How and when we use your personal data

We’re committed to using your personal data responsibly and lawfully. Here’s what we do with your personal data:

example – we’ll focus our updates on information that you’ve shown an interest in;

example – ensure we use it to deal with your enquiries about our service quickly and efficiently.

Your personal data is all stored within the UK.

To help us to maintain the accuracy of the personal data that we hold please let us know if we hold out of date or inaccurate information about you.


Sharing your personal data

There are only a few occasions where we will share your personal data with a third party. They are:

example – where we’re required to disclose it by law – to government bodies for example;

example - between ourselves – for example to deal with a query that you may have;

example – End user (Food Health & Safety questionnaire only) – for example to ensure Food Standards Agency’s business food and hygiene safety;

example – to confirm your name and any evidence of professional qualifications, licences and other authorisations to a client when we place you in an assignment (who are required to keep your data confidential).


We may offer you assignments where you will be requested to share your personal details to have a key fob, entry card or biometric scan, such as a finger print.  Such information will only be used to allow you access to a client site and to log the number of hours you work.  Where this is the case, you will be informed in advance and be required to consent to such data being shared separately.


The data controller collecting your personal data for the purpose of this policy is The Recruitment Group Limited and its associated companies; Gill Cooke Personnel Ltd, Rugby Recruitment Ltd, Professional Staffing Services Ltd, Motion people Ltd, Next Recruitment Ltd, Champion Employment Ltd.

We use accepted standards of technology and security to protect your personal data.


For how long will we keep your personal data

Our ‘retention policy’ lists the type of data we process and for how long it is kept. You can access that policy by clicking here. If you would like us to delete your data and we don’t have a lawful reason to retain it you can make a deletion request by writing to The Data Protection Officer, The Recruitment Group, 35 Frederick Street, Loughborough, LE11 3BH


How you can access your personal data

You can ask us for a copy of the personal data that we hold on you by writing to The Data Protection Officer, The Recruitment Group, 35 Frederick Street, Loughborough, LE11 3BH.  We’ll ask you for copies of two types of approved identity in order to process your request (such as a passport and driving licence). You can also ask us to make corrections to data you consider to be inaccurate by  writing to The Data Protection Officer, The Recruitment Group, 35 Frederick Street, Loughborough, LE11 3BH

Information about our use of cookies

A cookie is a small file (typically letters and numbers) which may be placed on your computer when you access our website. Through the cookie we can recognise your computer and browsing activity if you return to the website.

We use cookies to allow our website to recognise when you return to our site (which helps us to optimise your visits) and cookies to track the life of each visit.

If you’re like more information on cookies click here

We use Volcanic which allows us to collect information about how you use our site. If you access our website directly (and not via an email) your visits will be tracked anonymously.

We use Volcanic to understand how our website is being used in order to improve the experience for you. All user data is anonymous.

We use social buttons such as Twitter, Google, Facebook and LinkedIn to share or bookmark pages on our site or email updates. Those sites may collect information about your internet activity, including if your visit to our site (even if you don’t click on the button if you’re logged on to their site). You should check the privacy and cookies policy of each of these sites to see how they use your information and find out how to opt out and delete such information. Our website does not require you to input personal data to use it. You may however volunteer personal data such as your name and email address to request information, updates and to register as a candidate or to apply to a vacancy that we have on our website.