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Find your Spark!


Placing people at the heart of the recruitment journey

We are The Recruitment Group - a business steeped in over 40 years of recruitment heritage and experience. One which places people at the very centre of their world and who's committed to putting the 'human touch' back into recruitment.

Across all fields of permanent and temporary work, we’re here to help you. We service many local communities from our 13 office locations which in total cover 10 recruitment sectors

We are Powered by people!

Across all our offices, our people-first approach remains at the very centre of our world. It ensures that right from day 1, each and every candidate and client we work with is taken care of. All these relationhsips are built upon a foundation of honesty, decency and trust. By doing this we establish long lasting and meaningful relationships that stand the test of time.

Why choose The Recruitment Group?

Why? Because we are rewriting the Recruitment Rule book. We truly believe that our people (or sparks as we say + our process (or the ignition) = results! Our clients and candidates choose us as they know they are always in safe hands. They know that our team will examine every detail, questioning everything, assuming nothing and that in the unlikely event we can help, we will be upfront and honest. But don't let us tell you - take a look at some testimonials at the bottom of this page!

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Our people first values

Our Values. They're what make us unique as they shape the way we interact with our candidates, clients and each other.

These are the values we naturally live by.

Candidates: Your Needs, we listen.

When a candidate chooses to work with us, they are often placing their livelihood in our hands and we take that very seriously.

We offer our candidates stability and continuity of work wherever possible to ensure their security and peace of mind. We manage your expectations with the highest levels of communications and spend a great deal of time getting to know our candidates in order to know their skills, motivations and most importantly; their potential. It's one of the many reasons why 93% of our permanent candidates have stayed with the organisations in which we place them for over 12 months, and 91% of our temporary candidates complete the length of their initial assignment


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Clients - Igniting YOUR business

Across all fields of permanent and temporary work, we’re here to help you.

Our Branch Network, solid infrastructure and extensive consultant experience allows us to support businesses across a huge breadth of locations at speed, utilising the latest technology. With a central Head Office team that ensures branch network invoicing and payroll runs like clockwork, so our consultants are left to focus on what they do best. Our teams across all our offices have vast knowledge and experience of their local workforce which means they always know what's happening in their local labour market and can respond to their clients with powerful local solutions from a position of knowledge, not assumption. Our in-house marketing team further aiding the candidate attraction process searching out the best individuals for your roles.

We cover 10 sectors across 13 physical locations with a reach spanning the whole of the UK.

Talk to us about your needs — we’re ready to listen.

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