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Our 'You First' approach is a mantra by which we live. We put you the candidate first, taking time to get to not only understand the here and now, but to understand your goals and aspirations to see where we can help you in achieving these.

We've stripped back all the jargon and created a business whereby we promote human-to-human contact. We don't want to learn about you from what you write on a form, or what your CV says. We want to talk to you about what interests you, want your own goals and aspirations are and how we can help get you there, whatever that looks like to you.

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Registering with us is super easy, simply click 'apply' on a job that appeals to you and we'll be in touch. We've worked with the REC to re-design our registration process, making it as easy as possible for you!

Gone are the days of filling out hundreds of pages of information that might not always be relevant. Our process is stripped back to allow us to focus on you and what you want.

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We have an ongoing development programme designed to help our candidates to maximise their career opportunities. This might be helping you with your interview skills and techniques, helping you structure your CV for maximum attraction right through to video interviews with candidates who have been on successful career journeys with us - we have you covered.

Our employers include:

I find The Recruitment Group to be a very professional company. I have had a very good experience and any issues have been sorted ASAP. Great people to work for, strongly recommend!

Birmingham Candidate

​Everyone is so kind. Would definitely recommend!

Leicester Candidate

​Right after registration, I was offered a job to start immediately. The staff are so nice and very friendly, I recommend them to anyone looking for a job. Thanks, Lucy!

Rugby Candidate

​"The recruitment group is a great professional company that looks after its clients. As a candidate, I was impressed at the level of feedback given with each opportunity in new job roles, and more importantly their willingness to actively look out for roles that fit my immediate need for employment, and to seek out long term career prospects. great bunch of guys and would definitely recommend the agency of any job seeker!"


​The Banbury branch of The Recruitment Group is an amazing group of wonderful people who have helped me find multiple temporary and permanent jobs. They always go the extra mile with everything they do to give me the help I need, especially Aga. Each time I’ve worked with them they did their best to offer me everything I needed to secure the placement; from finding open shifts to getting the interview. I couldn’t have asked for better help from their group.


​Brilliant agency - wouldn't go anywhere else!


​The agency staff are very helpful and answer emails very fast, they provide support all the time and check-in to see how you are. The process of getting an assignment was clear and simple, I highly recommend them as an agency to work for

Loughborough Candidate

​Lauren helped me secure my first job after graduating from University last year. She was extremely helpful and supportive through the entire process. She has always been there for me to talk to whilst I've been on my assignment and has helped me with anything I have asked of her, always approaching it with her continued enthusiasm. I have been in contact with a few other members of the team and have found them to be just as friendly and polite, so I think this is something that definitely stretches across the whole company.


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Have a question? Want to discuss a role further or explore your options? Not a problem, get in touch with one of our branches.

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