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Recruitment Roundup #7

Recruitment Roundup #7: Navigating active and passive engagement

In today’s Recruitment Roundup, we delve deeper into the various strategies available to successfully recruit candidates.

When hiring, companies encounter two distinct types of candidates—active and passive. Active candidates are always seeking new opportunities, while passive candidates, though currently employed, might entertain new prospects if presented with the right offer. Recognising the difference between these two groups is crucial, as it requires tailored approaches to attract their attention and interest.

The 70% opportunity

While active job seekers are readily visible through their frequent job applications, passive candidates make up a significant portion, approximately 70%. 70% of those who aren't actively seeking jobs could be intrigued by the right opportunity. Focusing solely on actively searching candidates might overlook a pool of talent possessing the requisite skills and experience for your open positions.

There are a few strategies for engaging passive candidates below:

Building employer brand

Establishing a strong employer brand is essential in attracting passive candidates. Utilise global landing pages, articles on web platforms, and employee success stories to showcase your company's culture and values. Leverage social media platforms such as LinkedIn to provide insights into your company's culture and improve your personal brand too.

Networking and relationship building

Actively engage in real and friendly conversations with passive candidates, both online and offline. Networking at events and maintaining digital connections over time helps build trust.

Focusing on your outreach

Tailor your communication to candidates by understanding their backgrounds and adapting your message accordingly. Personalise email outreach, including links to your LinkedIn profile and company blog. Inquire about their career goals and demonstrate how your company aligns with their aspirations.

Embracing technology in recruitment

Consider incorporating technology into your recruitment stack to streamline the hiring process and enhance engagement. Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) save time and aid in making informed decisions. Utilise candidate data and automation to connect effectively with candidates.

Future paths in candidate engagement

For active candidates, prioritise an easy application process and maintain a strong online presence.

For passive candidates, emphasise a robust company culture, employ networking strategies, and personalise outreach efforts.

Incorporate technology, such as ATS, into your recruitment processes. Use key performance indicators (KPIs) and A/B testing to measure the effectiveness of your strategies and continuously improve engagement.

"In shaping the future of candidate engagement, the recruitment team plays a crucial role. Their deep understanding of the business and familiarity with products and services form the foundation of an effective engagement strategy." — Nelia Protsiuk

As the recruitment landscape evolves, focusing on meaningful connections with both active and passive candidates is vital for hiring success. The future of hiring is moving towards a more personalised, data-driven, and candidate-focused approach. By adapting to these changes and employing the right strategies and tools, companies can identify and hire the right individuals for their teams.

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