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Recruitment Roundup #6

Fostering diversity and inclusion: PwC Recruitment process

PwC is making significant changes in its recruitment process to embrace diversity and inclusion. The firm is broadening its talent pool by introducing new programs for non-university graduates, breaking away from traditional hiring methods.

PwC's move responds to the changing dynamics in the accountancy profession. They are focusing on expanding apprenticeships, school leaver programs, and work experience opportunities to ensure everyone has equal access to opportunities regardless of a university degree.

Ian Elliott, PwC's Chief People Officer, highlights the importance of supporting individuals from diverse backgrounds not just in hiring but also in settling and developing within the firm.

In a recent article, Ian Elliot said “We wanted to understand better the experiences – warts and all – of prospective and new joiners, particularly those from lower socio-economic backgrounds.” 

Proactive measures

PwC is taking proactive steps, including offering a salary advance for next year's intake, based on insights from a comprehensive research project conducted with Thinks Insight & Strategy.

Learning from experiences

Research involved a cohort of new joiners sharing their experiences, and the findings led to a 'co-creation workshop' where solutions were discussed. The announced actions, such as salary advances, directly result from these discussions.

Challenges addressed

PwC acknowledges challenges faced by all new employees, especially those from lower socio-economic backgrounds, such as concerns about fitting in and networking, particularly before receiving their first paycheck.

Equal opportunities

The accountancy profession has often been seen as exclusive without a university degree. PwC's new recruitment strategy challenges this notion, providing equal opportunities to all, and setting a positive example for the industry.

As the accountancy profession evolves, embracing diversity in recruitment becomes crucial. PwC's commitment to inclusivity signifies a positive shift, paving the way for a more diverse and dynamic accountancy profession in the future.

Going forward, we can imagine this movement will be embraced within the recruitment industry. PwC is a renowned organsiation, part of The Big Four, and taking key measures to develop its recruitment process will pave the way for more innovative solutions and strategies around diversity and inclusion. We at The Recruitment Group, focus on fostering diversity and inclusion throughout our recruitment practices. By embracing diversity, we not only improve our talent pool but also contribute to a more vibrant workplace culture.

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