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Recruitment Roundup #10

In the evolving employment landscape, recent reports from recruitment agencies shed light on a trend around starting salaries are on the rise. This increase is attributed to a noticeable decline in staff availability, particularly in crucial sectors such as healthcare. In today’s Recruitment Roundup, we look into the findings of a survey conducted by the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC) and explore the implications for various job markets.

Last month witnessed a significant uptick in starting salaries, directly correlated with the growing scarcity of qualified personnel in various industries. Notably, the healthcare sector, including roles for nurses and medical professionals, is experiencing heightened demand.

In a recent press release last week, over 500 companies were named for not paying minimum wage. Employers were ordered to repay workers around £16 million leaving over 170,000 workers out of pocket. This news follows as the National Living Wage had a 10% climb to £11.44 - as a step to improve the lives of workers across various sectors. 

Employers that were named in the list varied from major high street brands to recruitment businesses, in a clear message from the government that no employers are exempt from paying their workers the minimum wage.

Click here to view more information regarding the 524 companies that were named for not paying minimum wage. 

Healthcare Sector

The REC's survey of 400 agencies highlighted a substantial decline in the availability of candidates since the close of 2017. REC's Chief Executive, Kevin Green, emphasised the persistent demand for nursing and medical staff.

"Nursing and medical staff remain the most in demand for temporary roles - further evidence of the strain the NHS is feeling on filling vacancies.”

This demand serves as a stark indicator of the strain the National Health Service (NHS) is under in filling critical vacancies.

Diverse Challenges in Job Fillings

Recruitment agencies are reporting challenges in filling roles that extend beyond healthcare. From welders to van drivers, employers are grappling with shortages in various sectors. We are aware of these shortages and focus on covering a diverse pool of sectors, currently, there is a Van Driver opportunity available on our website. Interestingly, for the first time, even roles like baristas are proving challenging to fill.

Attracting Talent in a Competitive Market

Faced with candidate shortages, employers are adapting their strategies. One notable response is the increase in starting salaries, designed to attract and secure top talent. This strategy, however, has been in play for some time and hasn't yet resulted in substantial wage growth across the broader economy. Want to know more about the market challenges then view our recent blog covering industry challenges in 2024

In navigating the complexities of today's job market, the surge in starting salaries stands out as a response to the growing difficulties in filling critical roles. From healthcare to various other industries, the landscape is evolving, and employers are adapting to attract the talent they need. As we continue to monitor these trends, the long-term impact on overall wage growth remains a topic of keen interest.

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