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How can you improve your personal brand on Linkedin?

How can you improve your personal brand on Linkedin?

LinkedIn - a platform tailored for the business world. Many like to network, promote their services and products, and share their learnings to inform their audience. 

All of these stem from building a personal brand. A personal brand which for clients is crucial for building a connection with customers. Customers who can see the brand or business as someone they should buy from - as people buy in people.

However, for candidates building your brand on LinkedIn creates a pathway to your next career step. Networking with leading figures in your industry to promoting your achievements and skills are just some of the effective methods that will be covered in more detail. Listing five or more skills on your LinkedIn profile can accelerate your search - more than 90% of those who have done this have found a job within three months.  


A high-resolution picture of yourself suitable for work will kickstart the personal brand on Linkedin. 

The headline is the first thing that employers see. Therefore, you must make sure it stands out and showcases what you have to offer:

For example: PPC Specialist I Google, Bing & Meta Ads Certified 

The Recruitment Group Tip: Focus on selecting keywords if you want to be found by recruiters. The example above showcases their area of expertise, whilst highlighting their certifications. 

Example: “As a creative Marketing Specialist, I have been responsible for driving brand success through innovative campaigns. Proven expertise in digital strategy and analytics. Passionate about crafting compelling stories for impactful customer experiences. Ready to bring my marketing skills to collaborate on projects” 

  • Promote your work experience on your LinkedIn profile: Follow the prompts to detail your work experience, courses, voluntary work, and exam results. Focus on enhancing your profile, showcasing your achievements, and aligning these with your aspirations.
  • Use the Media section to link to ongoing projects or notable achievements. Whether it's blog posts, articles, artwork, or business ventures, proudly display your work.
  • Ensure a well-presented profile by checking for typos, errors, and broken links. A well-presented profile reflects positively on you for potential employers.

The Recruitment Group Tip: Go beyond stating your tasks; illustrate your contributions and the impact you've made.

  • Request testimonials from current or past colleagues to enhance the credibility of your listed skills and projects. You have the control to choose which testimonials are visible to the public.
  • In addition to adding keywords, add specific skills to your profile, avoiding generic terms like leadership or teamwork. Highlight your expertise in engineering that sets you apart. We currently have a Manufacturing Engineer role live, would this interest you? If so, apply! 
  • Encourage LinkedIn connections to endorse your skills, showcasing your talent on your public profile for added credibility.


LinkedIn is for connecting with people in your industry. Connect with past colleagues or classmates and ask for introductions to their connections. Adding people you don't know is usually fine if you have shared interests or connections.

  • Use LinkedIn to stay in touch with interviewers, colleagues from work experience, or internships. If you're worried they won't remember you, send a short message to jog their memory.

The Recruitment Group Tip: Learn from your connections. See how professionals in your field structure their profiles and note their career paths and early employers.

  • Use LinkedIn Groups to connect with others who share your business interests. Start by searching for relevant groups using keywords. Explore the groups your connections, prospects, and clients are part of for additional insights. It's a great way to share ideas and make meaningful connections.


Use the search function and subscribe to job alerts. Also, you can check status updates to keep tabs on new listings before they’re advertised. 

  • Opt for Jobs alerts to stay updated on opportunities matching your criteria. This eliminates the need for daily manual searches; relevant opportunities will be delivered to your inbox.
  • Signal your job search by enabling the #OpenToWork option on your profile, letting recruiters know you're actively seeking opportunities. With a well-prepared profile, you might find job opportunities without actively searching.
  • Contribute to collaborative articles invited by LinkedIn, showcasing your expertise. Recruiters and employers reading these articles may reach out based on your valuable contributions, potentially leading to job offers.


LinkedIn's privacy settings differ from other social networks, requiring careful consideration to control what you share. When updating your profile, be mindful of the 'Notify your network' button; save it for significant updates.

  • Choose whether to make certain details public or visible only to connections. Striking a balance is crucial, ensuring visibility for potential employers while maintaining control.
  • Be aware that profile visits are visible to others, and vice versa. Adjust privacy settings to browse anonymously, though this means removing the ability to see who viewed your profile.
  • Explore privacy settings that allow job hunting without alerting your current employer. Tailor these settings to suit your preferences.
  • The Recruitment Group Tip: Obtain a free personal URL using your name, job title, or keywords for increased discoverability in search engines. Adjust it later if needed.

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