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A Day In The Life - Dan Cook

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A Day In The Life - Dan Cook

  • Publish Date: Posted about 2 months ago
  • Author: Sean McLeod

The Recruitment Group has grown massively over the past year, and we now have over 130 employees working at 13 branches around the country. 

We're shining a spotlight on some of our most exciting and varied roles in the business to learn more about them and how they got to where they are today.  

Part 2 of this series puts a focus on our Business Development Manager, Dan Cook. Dan joined just a few months ago and has made an instant impact in the business. As our business development manager, Dan is assigned to generate new leads and convert them into new clients. This is then passed over to the branches to help grow and drive new revenue for the business.

When asked by our marketing team to write a blog on ‘A Day in the life of a business development manager’ Dan said;

'It made me appreciate how each day is different and all the benefits of working on the sales team with the Guru herself … Leah Midgely (our sales director) selling before I was born. It can be tough with her micromanagement style, but she does mean well!'

Watch the full video here or if you fancy a quick read instead, then read on below. 

Hi Dan! Can you tell us how you got into the world of Recruitment?

My name’s Dan, and I'm the Business Development Manager here at The Recruitment Group.

Tell us about your job! What do you do on day to day basis? 

My role is to bring in new clients and develop additional business from existing clients. Typically, over the week this is done by communicating with prospective clients by phone, email, and social media outlets. I attend meetings weekly to discuss the needs of our potential clients and hopefully provide them with a suitable option for us to support their needs.

This is a small insight into what we do as a sales team but overall, a great job to have within The Recruitment Group.

What do you enjoy about working for The Recruitment Group?

So, what I enjoy most about The Recruitment Group is seeing all the different teams across all the different branches. I get to travel across many of the branches which means I get to work with all of my amazing colleagues from across the whole TRG team. 

It's also great to see not only the growth with the clients but growth within the team as well. As part of the sales team; getting to see the new clients that we're bringing in and the new longstanding relationships that we're building makes for an extremely enjoyable role. 

How have you found your time at The Recruitment group so far? How do they help you?

The Recruitment Group are great, every last Friday of the Month we get to finish at 4 pm and for the last hour, the whole company participates in a quiz with food, drinks and more. It's a really fun time. We also have networking events - including a golf day this July which I'm looking forward to*. 

Things like these are great, if you've had a bad week, which we all do in Recruitment, it gives you a fresh outlook and a new start to the following week which I've not had in my previous roles. 

In terms of progression, we also have weekly ones to ones and we have monthly reviews where we all sit down, we all understand the process of the goal that we're working towards and it just makes things a lot clearer, a lot more transparent and we can all then just get on with doing our jobs.

Big thanks to Ola for agreeing to talk about his career. To get in contact with him you can find his LinkedIn or email him on

*For more information on the client golf day, see our LinkedIn post below