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Interviews in depth: Competencies

To download this blog as a printable pdf file click HERE​What are competencies?Most interviews these days are what we call competency-based, but what are competencies? Put simply, competencies are ...

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Our Guide to Interviews

​Master the Art of the Interview Great news! You've landed yourself a job interview. ​This means your next role is within touching distance, but an impending interview usually brings mixed feelings...

Stress Awareness Month (1)
Stress Awareness Month

​Tips to de-stress at workSince 1992, every April marks Stress Awareness Month in the UK, and whether you're a recruiter or not, there are always times when we can become stressed at work. Stress A...

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Celebrating our first birthday!

​It's our birthday!!!​It’s the 6th of April! For some, that may not be a significant day but for us, it's a day to celebrate - it’s our official 1st birthday as The Recruitment Group! Yes, that's r...