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Tackling Modern Slavery

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Tackling Modern Slavery

  • Publish Date: Posted 7 months ago
  • Author: Mark Taylor

Modern Slavery “What can I do?”

Together we can all make a difference!


Did you know that the victims of Modern Slavery generate more money for criminals than the global drugs trade!

Not only is it illegal and criminal but the victims are our fellow human beings. They are someone’s son/daughter; aunty/uncle; mother/father … wouldn’t you want someone looking out for your relatives? Be that person!

This is a crime that all of us can do something about! Let's do all we can to make sure the people around us aren’t victims hoping for someone to help them!


What the business is doing:


Shared phone numbers/contact details

We will make sure that all shared details are checked to understand why. If it’s not a family member they may have been forced to give these details


Multiple application forms submitted by one person

All application forms should be completed individually by each applicant only and not someone acting as a “fixer” saying they’re “helping”


Shared bank accounts

Duplicate bank accounts only allowed for husband and wife relationships anything else must be investigated and solutions offered. It's crucial that each worker is in control of the money they have earned, no one else!


Candidate introductions

When one person has lots of “friends” that they can introduce to the business/agency. This is not allowed and must be reported


Multiple housing occupancy

When an address is used more than 4 times this must be investigated to understand whether it is possible and/or whether there are reasons for concern/further investigation


Non-English speaking workers

If there is a sudden rise of a certain nationality this could be organised by a particular individual at site and workers could be being charged/controlled


Is the person in front of you who they say they are?

We will make random checks/requests for ID. We must make sure the people in our business are who they say they are for their protection


What all of us can do!

As we go about our daily tasks we can use our eyes and ears to spot potential signs of modern slavery. You don’t have to be an expert just … listen/see, think, act!


The Five signs to remember


Rumours from other workers (including factory floor chat)

Listen to what’s being said around you – people will share key information when they’re in a comfortable work environment


Physical appearance

A person may show signs of injury and be hungry; also their general appearance may be unkempt with the wrong clothing or wearing the same clothes, day in, day out


Transporting of workers together

Look out for large groups arriving in a minibus or large car that you don’t recognise - usually all of one nationality. A key sign is that the vehicle is old and un-roadworthy


Where did they hear about the job?

Through an agency? A Friend? Their landlord? It might seem innocent but all of these could be controlling them


One worker providing food for other workers

Look out for one worker bringing in bulk sandwiches/food to provide for other workers in his/her “gang”



If you see or are suspicious that any of these things are happening around you – tell the person you report to – we have to stop this happening, we can all make a difference!!

We don’t want you to deal with any suspicions just …

listen/see, think, act!