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Why Hire an Agency?

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Why Hire an Agency?

  • Publish Date: Posted about 1 year ago
  • Author: Ross Munro

​If you’re looking to outsource your next hire to a recruitment agency, you’re in good company. According to the Recruitment & Employment Confederation (REC), recruiters were responsible for 1.1 million permanent placements and over 1 million temporary placements on any given day in 2017/18. In 2019, the REC predicts that 56% of all open vacancies will be filled by recruitment agencies.

So, what are the benefits? If you’re still on the fence about whether working with a recruitment agency is right for you, read on.

Why Hire a Recruitment Agency?

For many companies, it’s just not a financially viable option to have full-time recruitment staff employed in-house. This leaves the hiring process in the hands of a designated employee that may not necessarily have the relevant skills and experience required for successful recruitment.

On top of this, chances are they simply lack the time to fully focus on the recruitment process. It can even be a stretch for HR departments to take on the responsibility, whilst still effectively fulfilling their other obligations.

So many businesses sensibly opt to outsource their recruitment, saving time and money by placing their needs in the hands of the professionals.

And it’s not just larger organisations. Small businesses and start-ups can equally benefit from the services of professional recruitment agencies, relying on their experience, expertise and resources to attract and recruit the best possible candidates.

Whether you’re a large, well-established organisation, or a solo start-up firm, there are multiple benefits to be gained from partnering with an experienced recruitment agency.

Get a Head Start in The Recruitment Race

The Benefits of Working With a Recruitment Agency…

1) It’s a Good Bet

In-house recruitment is pretty much a game of chance. You advertise your vacancy in the hope of attracting high-quality applicants with the relevant skills and experience, but there’s no guarantee your ad will land in front of the right people. Your efforts could lead to minimal results, or worse still, an overwhelming response from applicants that just don’t match your criteria. By using a recruitment agency, you’re placing a bet with far better odds.

Recruitment consultants make a living out of matching strong applicants with relevant job openings. They’re experienced professionals that work to find the best possible fit, screening candidates on your behalf to ensure you only receive applications that meet your requirements.

2) There’s Safety in Numbers

Recruitment agencies are able to source these quality applications because they have extensive reach. They can connect with a high number of potential candidates, far more than any solo effort could ever achieve.

They’ll have a database of existing prospects actively searching the job market for their next position, as well as passive prospects that may not currently be seeking new employment but would prove the perfect fit for your business. In addition, they have access to multiple job boards and a captive social media following. By using their reach, you’re playing a clever numbers game that will result in a quality pool of candidates. 

3) Recruitment Agencies Save Hours of Admin Work 

Unless you have a dedicated in-house recruitment team, you’ll need to appoint a member of staff to take care of all the administrative duties associated with recruitment. Screening and communicating with candidates, notifying unsuccessful applicants, scheduling interviews, providing feedback, checking references – there’s a huge amount of work involved. 

Outsourcing to a recruitment agency means all of this is taken off your hands, so you and your team are free to focus on the far more important task of running a successful business. 

4) They Are Experts in Your Industry 

Recruitment agencies aren’t just experts at matching people with jobs. Since many of them operate within specific sectors, they also have expert industry insight. You probably know your field of business pretty well yourself, but you may well be looking for advice on current recruitment legislation, or average salary brackets for roles within your industry.

A recruitment agency is well placed to provide guidance on hiring best practice and salary benchmarking data based on current market rates. Should your new employee wish to negotiate on salary terms, a recruitment agency can expertly handle this for you too.

5) They Help Meet Fluctuating Demands

Business can be unpredictable and, falling short of a time machine, it can be virtually impossible to fully and accurately predict your future staffing needs.

Building a strong working relationship with a recruitment agency capable of providing skilled temporary staff will allow you to expand and contract your workforce efficiently in response to fluctuating demands.

6) Guarantee Periods Can be Agreed

The recruitment process doesn’t end once a contract of employment has been signed. You’ll need a transition period to make sure your new employee lives up to expectations. If they don’t, you’ll need to start the process all over again. Additionally, if your new employee is unhappy and chooses to leave, you’re back to square one and your time and money can’t be recouped.

Any good recruitment agency will offer a guarantee period, ensuring that your new employee will stay with you for a minimum time. If things don’t work out and they leave or are terminated, before this period has expired, most agencies will refund you the cost of the hire. More commonly, they will put forward another qualified and suitable candidate to take on the role. Of course, using the matchmaking expertise of a professional recruitment agency means you’re more likely to get it right in the first place. 

7) Gain Professional Perspective of New Employees

Carrying out your own recruitment runs the risk of becoming personal, particularly if you are the business owner. Whilst your new employee needs to have the right personality and work ethic to fit into your team, personal feelings can often result in the best candidate for the role being overlooked.

A recruitment agency will bring perspective to the process, eliminating any subconscious preferences and recruiting objectively. 

How to Find The Right Recruitment Agency

So now you’ve decided outsourcing your next hire to a recruitment agency is the way forward, how do you go about finding the right one for you?

There are many things to consider here, not least the type of role you’re looking to fill, and which agencies match your needs. Do your research and make sure they have experience recruiting in your industry, with a proven track record of successful placements. The geographic location might also be a consideration, but with many agencies now capable of recruiting nationwide, this is becoming less of a deciding factor.

Be aware of the costs. Shop around for the best fees on offer and look for agencies that offer flexible payment terms. Your requirements are unique to you and any good agency should offer a tailored service built around your needs.

But by far the most important consideration when choosing a recruitment agency is their approach!

Our Approach

At The Recruitment Group, we offer more than just a service. We work as an extension of your business, offering flexibility and bespoke packages that suit you. We are friendly, personable and approachable, acting as a trusted partner throughout the entire recruitment journey.